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Young lady who married at 21 to her first man cries out for advice on how to please her husband when he makes subtle demands

According to an embattled newly wed whose marriage seems to be having a rocky start narrated that she does not know when her husband needs more than he asks for in terms of meals and other desirables in their marriage.

Her story reads …

“PIs I need advice. I’m 21 and I just got married to a 36 yr old through recommendation and introduction from both families. I’m really new to this and I don’t know what to do as this is my first relationship which now happen to be marriage.

He has been good to me but I feel I don’t satisfy him and it’s not on purpose. He was in the office and I was home while we were just chatting and he was telling me how much he misses me and can’t wait to come home to meet me.

I asked him what he wants me to prepare for him when he comes, he said I shouldn’t just bother about that that I should just prepare myself for him, he will have me for dinner. So really I didn’t make anything. He came home and we made sweet love, after which he started asking me what I made for dinner.

This is not the first time I would misunderstand him in certain things. He said he thought I would just use my head and make anything to surprise him that how can he expend this kind of energy and I won’t give him something to eat. He is so him something to eat. He is so good to me I dont want to be making him angry all the time.

Does this mean that when he says one thing I should use my initiative and do another? I really don’t get, i just want peace. He left this morning carrying face for me because of last night because he took garri and sugar to bed.

I would have been cooking and storing up in the refrigerator but he eats only fresh foods according to him. I don’t want to cook and waste. PIs tell me how to handle such. Thank you.”



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