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Big Brother Naija 6

Watch Housemates reaction as Pere Removed His Belt To Intimidate White Money



White Money and Pere had a clash last night. It all started in the game Maria suggested the housemates should play together to jokingly impress her as the new head of house and person with the power to evict two housemates if they do not impress her.

Pere who was coming from the bathroom marched towards where White Money laid on Tega’s legs, came down on him with his hands at his back and demanded in a harsh voice to know what White Money said to Angel.

“White Money! What did you say?

Bro! What did you say?

I said, what did you say?”

When White Money still insisted that he said nothing to Angel, Pere stood up, made for his belt from his waist, and almost used it to intimidate White Money to tell him what he said.

The housemates who were witnesses to the scenario that played out before they charged at Pere and asked him why he so much wanted to know what White Money said. He replied that it was the way the housemates reacted to what White Money said that made him more inquisitive.

The housemates told him that the reaction didn’t mean anything. But Pere said it was a negative reaction. White Money who had become confused as to why Pere would talk to him like a child became angry, together with the housemates.

They called Pere out and asked him why he would talk to his fellow man in that manner, and asked why he removed his belt to intimidate White Money. They asked to apologize to White Money but Pere bluntly refused to and cited that he never wronged White Money.



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