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Watch King Of Boys 2 (The Return The King) ‘Behind the Scene’



Veteran actress Sola Sobowale, known for her roles delivery and performance in the highly anticipated movie, shared a video involving KOB stars in a chat with Ebonylife Tv Host.

The stars, including Sola Sobowale, Richard Mofe Damijo, Ill-bliss and Toni Tones, were literally asked to spill real moments. The interactions go thus:

Who was easily the most reserved on set?

Ill-bliss: Like I will be honest, I left a huge impression on the crew, everybody was like, you are so chilled, you never gave us misery.

Whose hair and the make-up session took the longest?

Toni Tones: Aunty Sola. She does not joke with her hair; it has to be perfect. When you see her looks, then you understand why because she was serving.

Who never missed a meal?

Toni Tones: if you want the best food, just stay around Aunty Sola

Sola Sobowale: If I want to eat, I eat good

RMD: I had the best chicken from Sola, she shares a lot

Which King of Boys cast member would you hide a dead body with? (Sola Sobowale)

Sola Sobowale: (laughs) Toni Tones always in my head

Who was the director’s favourite on set?

Toni Tones: Aunty Sola, no dispute

Who fell asleep the most on set?

Sola Sobowale: Toni!

During the chit chat, they all had fun as they reminisced about the experience on set.


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