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VIDEO: ‘You will suffer if you vote because of a party’, Pastor David Ibiyeomie warns



Clergyman David Ibiyeomie has cautioned Nigerians against casting ballots based only on their political affiliations as the 2023 general election approaches.

He asserted that if Nigerians choose to elect someone they know won’t perform well, they would be the ones who suffer. Speaking recently to his church, he remarked

”You are seeing that this person cannot perform, yet you are saying Na our party…Party nonsense. I have told you if you vote party, the way you will suffer! Me I will be here, I wouldn’t suffer with you. Nothing will make me suffer with you.

I can tell you, you know I am a man of God….try to make a mistake, Naira will tumble to N5000..If you don’t want Naira to tumble to N5000, better tell yourself what to do.

Woe to you when you vote people who have nothing in theiur head. If you vote party this time Nigerians, we go fold our hands dey watch una.

All the things you are suffering, am I suffering with you? ”



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