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VIDEO: IG comedian, Nons Miraj tells Nigerians after experience she had in the UK – “Please don’t come to London”



Nigerian IG comedian Nons Miraj recently suggested that Nigerians abandon their plans to go to London, United Kingdom, due to the high expense of living there.

Nons described how she took a taxi in London and was charged more than a hundred pounds for an 80-mile trip.

She claims that in Nigeria, she pays less for similar rides. Miraj continued by saying that even though she only pays a small amount, she frequently bemoans how expensive the fare is in Lagos.

“This country has humbled me, I love Nigeria my country I cannot wait to come back, I miss everything, don’t come to London o, the money they are spending here is too much,” the comic actress said in a video.

The comedian once cautioned Nigerians who wanted to visit the United Kingdom that it is dull there.

The creator of the skit who issued the warning stated that everything is so tranquil that she misses the commotion of Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, in a video she posted on social media.

She continued by saying that she wouldn’t be returning to the UK and would soon be returning to Nigeria. Nons Miraj also bemoaned the need to travel to a store or mall in order to make a purchase, as opposed to Nigeria, where one could make a purchase while stuck in traffic.



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