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VIDEO: I have a right to say I will call the governor. He is the chief security officer of the state – Broadcaster Rufai Oseni says.



Rufai Oseni, a broadcaster, claims that following his detention for utilizing the BRT lane, he has the right to state that he will call the governor.

On Monday, August 1, Rufai became popular after he claimed that police officers had pointed a gun at him online. He was detained by the police for occupying the BRT bus lane’s designated space.

Even though he mentioned that he would pay the fine for the traffic infraction, according to Rufai, the officers nonetheless broke into his car, forcibly grabbed his keys, and even brandished a gun at him.

On August 2nd, 2022, a video showing Rufai warning police officers that he will contact the governor after being detained went viral. He faced a lot of criticism after some said he wanted to.

Today, August 2, a video showing Rufai warning police officers that he will contact the governor after being detained went viral. 

He faced a lot of criticism since some claimed he intended to frighten the police officers with his access to the governor.

Rufai claimed in a video posted to his page yesterday that he felt intimidated when the officers  forcibly seized his car keys and brandished a gun at him. 

He said that as the state’s chief security officer, he has the right to say that he will call the  governor.



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