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VIDEO: Dubai has banned visa application for Nigerians due to a recent altercation in Satwa – Actor Aremu Afolayan



Due to the viral brawl in Satwa, Dubai reportedly forbade Nigerians from applying for visas.

The restriction was enacted as a result of the mayhem that certain Nigerian immigrants from Africa produced in the UAE.

Young males wielding machetes can be seen wrecking havoc in the neighborhood at night in a video from the event. They wrecked other buildings, ran after uninvolved homeowners, broke the side windows of a car, and generally caused trouble in the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

The troublemakers were detained by Dubai police, it was revealed days after the video went viral.

The Dubai administration allegedly went one step further and slowed down the visa application procedure for Nigerians.

Unverified sources state that Nigerian men below age 36 are not now eligible for visas from the Dubai authorities.

Nigerian actor Aremu Afolayan expressed regret that industrious Nigerians will be impacted by this decision made by the Dubai government while reacting from Dubai.

Nigerians, according to him, have a legal right to be in Dubai, and any Nigerians causing issues there are probably doing so illegally.

“Pick up the trouble makers and don’t use that to destroy the livelihood of every other Nigerians,” he said in a video.

It would be incorrect to blame all Nigerians based on the behavior of a small number of them, he continued, because everyone is an immigrant in other nations.

“They make trouble and kill each other, take them to jail, do anything to them, they deserve it. However, there are innocent Nigerians who must be fed ” He added.



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