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VIDEO: Comedian, James Corden acts as US president Joe Biden’s P.A in the White House for one day



US based British comedian/TV host, James Corden went to the White House as a component of a section for his program ‘The Late Late Show’ and acted like president Joe Biden’s personal assistant .

As a component of The Late Late Show’s portion, “Enjoy some time off,” Corden made a beeline for Washington D.C., to the seat of political power, to assist with random jobs in the White House.

This included working for the Presidential kitchen, handling journalists’ inquiries as a brief Press Secretary, and even helping President Joe Biden as his own associate inside the Oval Office.

While Corden joked around, the president cooperated.

As his assistant, Corden snuck in a framed photograph of himself and Harry Styles from an old “Carpool Karaoke” section and put it among the numerous presidential portraits – – unintentionally concealing a photograph of President Harry Truman.

Biden likewise provided Corden with a tour of the Oval Office and its bounty memorabilia – including a lump of moon rock inside a protective showcase case.

“You want to put it up on ebay, I reckon you would get a lot, we could do that no problem,” Corden joked. “A lot of this stuff is probably worth a lot of money.”

“You are getting me mixed up with the last president,” Biden joked.

The fragment additionally featured previous White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who left the post in May.



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