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Tension Rise As Israel Brought Sefer Torah To Igbo Land as planned by MNK



The Sefer Torah Has Just Touched Down In Igboland (BiafraLand) From Jerusalem #Israel.
As part of the restoration plans by IPOB Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

According to Jewish law (halakha), “a Sefer Torah is a copy of the formal Hebrew text of the Torah hand-written on special types of parchment (see below) by using a quill or another permitted writing utensil, dipped in ink. Producing aTorah scroll fulfills one of the 613 commandments.”
Kanu earlier declared in his broadcast that if the Sefer Torah appears in Biafraland, it means Biafra has arrived, which means a lot and puts the Nigerian government on its feet.

According to Biafra Today, Israel now has the legal right to openly defend Biafra as a common Jewish brother nation. Israel is expected to issue a statement regarding Kanu’s illegal abduction soon.

It is clearly obvious that Israel supports #Biafra in both good and bad times!!

רודי רושמן



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