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Peter Okoye tackles jobless youths who defend people that made them jobless



Nigerian singer Peter Okoye of the band PSquare has criticized a particular subset of unemployed Nigerian youngsters who take to the internet to defend the ones who put them out of work.
On Tuesday, August 17, 2022, the artist stated this on his Instagram Stories.

“A graduate with no job, you manage to buy smart phone, come on social media and started defending people that made you jobless,” he wrote.

Numerous Nigerian celebrities have spoken out since the election campaign started, not only about the candidates they support but also on the importance of voter turnout.

“I have just instructed my security and my management that No one is allowed to visit my house or my office without showing their PVC!” from PSquare’s Peter Okoye.

In order to register voters for the general elections in 2023, Okoye and some of his coworkers have been in the vanguard of this effort.

Regarding Nigeria holding the next elections correctly, these celebrities have maintained their stance.

Some of these famous people have even sworn to call out their coworkers who accept contributions from politicians in order to campaign for them.



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