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Niger Republic – We didn’t receive N1.15 billion worth of vehicles from Nigeria



Ten vehicles allegedly bought for N1.15 billion by the Buhari government have been denied by the Niger Republic.

On Wednesday, August 3, Zainab Ahmed, the Minister of Finance, said that the Federal Government approved the purchase and supply of 10 Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs to the neighboring nation.

“This is not the first time that Nigeria has supported Niger, Cameroon or Chad, and the President makes an assessment as to what is required, based on the request of their President and such requests are approved and the interventions provided is to enhance their capacity to protect their own territory as it relates to security also to Nigeria,” Ahmed had said.

According to Nigerien Minister of Defence Alkassoum Indatou, the Government of Zamfara State provided vehicles for the Niger Republic while speaking at the same time for the President.

“The state of Zamfara which has given five vehicles to the Maradi region, four of which have already been received, it is not the federal government as the Minister of Finance of Nigeria Zainab Ahmed declared,” said a translation of the French statement of a top Nigerien official familiar with the matter.

“The populations of Zamfara who are on the border with Niger call more on the Nigerien soldiers who respond to the minute than even those of their own country.”



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