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‘Mummy GO’ Neighbours Say She Used to Be Lovely in the Past



Neighbours of the controversial Lagos evangelist, Pastor Fumilayo Adebayo also known as Mummy G.O. has revealed certain things about her.

According to the neighbours in a Lagos suburb, Pastor Adebayo has gone overboard with her controversial sermons She is said to be known for proclaiming the wrath of God upon anyone who violates not only the scriptural rules but also her alleged self-made rules.

The neighbours made the comments while they were being interviewed by the Nigerian Tribune newspaper. Pastor Adebayo, 54, now popularly called ‘Mummy GO’ became an internet sensation when videos of her preachings were shared online by social media users. She is known for her proclamation and regular sentencing of people to hellfire and how she got her virgin*ity back too, which resulted in her photos being used as memes on various social media platforms.

A former member of RAPEC and resident of the estate, Shola Ajao, shared her sentiment about the church and its founder. She said Pastor Adebayo started on the right footing and was much loved by her followers. She alleged that her sermon started taking a strange turn about a decade ago after she and her church became popular.

Her words: “Mama RAPEC, as we refer to Pastor Adebayo, was a delightful evangelist to many of us. She started on the right footing and her sermons were pleasing to the ears and minds. “I don’t know what went wrong; she suddenly deviated from the ways of the scripture by proclaiming hellfire verdict on every act with her self-imposed rules as the standard. She condemns every act, food and drinks.”

Prophet Jacob of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) whose church is located in the same area where Mummy G.O.’s church is located, also spoke about his neighbours’ peculiar way of worship. According to Prophet Jacob, the founder of RAPEC has gone overboard with her controversial sermons.

His words: “We are all in the vineyard of God. We are in the gospel business together but I think she has gone overboard with her preaching and the number of things she forbids for members of her church. “There was a time some of her evangelists came to the CCC to distribute their pamphlets to our members detailing the dos and don’ts of the church. But we told them we were not interested. “There are scriptural ways of teaching the Bible and it is not allowed for anyone to rewrite or add to the laid-down scriptural rules and in the process bring in new innovations. This is not accepted. “It is unfortunate that Mama RAPEC is quick to commit her listeners to hellfire. To her, it is forbidden for a male to wear bushy hair. I know of someone who went into her church to worship but was sent back at the entrance because of his afro hairstyle.

Kogi deputy governor vows to keep afro hair to avoid Mummy GO’s wrath “Even at RAPEC, choir members are not allowed to use the gangan traditional talking drum. If they do, according to Mummy G.O, they will go to hellfire. “Christianity is a peaceful religion but some evangelists are making it hellish for Christians. Our God is not a wicked God.” A resident, Omolola, said: “Mama RAPEC not only regulates what members’ wear, but she also forbids them from saying hello to begin a telephone conversation. “She has brainwashed all members of her church to the point that they don’t have a mind of their own. They pattern their life according to the teachings of Mummy G.O.” ‘Mummy GO’ says some people are after her life Recall that in an interview over the weekend, Evangelist Adebayo said those behind the trending Mummy G.O hellfire memes sent gunmen after her. According to her, they have been at it for about eight years and just recently decided to make use of social media to disgrace her.



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