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Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika – No immediate solutions to aviation industry crisis



There is no imminent fix for the crisis wracking the nation’s aviation industry, according to Hadi Sirika, minister of aviation.

On Tuesday, July 26, at an emergency meeting with the Airline Operators Association of Nigeria (AON) in Abuja, Sirika stated that the factors behind the aviation sector’s difficulties are out of the industry’s control.
The Minister indicated that there is no short-term solution because of the issues, which he claimed is a worldwide problem, and that the situation was further exacerbated by the continuing lack of foreign cash because the source of generating forex has diminished.

He said,

“There is no immediate solution.

“Energy crisis is real and it is global. Today there are aviation fuel problems all over the world. From America to New Zealand. It is aggravating in Nigeria because we don’t produce the product.

“As we speak, the government is in the process of finding a permanent solution to this issue”

Sirika added that some of the solutions being considered include “importation of the product at appropriate price, accelerating the refurbishment of our refineries and also wait for the coming on stream of Dangote Refinery to boost supply of the product.”

The solutions according to him;

“Cannot be soon.

“So when you ask how soon, I wouldn’t know when Dangote will come on stream, I wouldn’t know how soon the refineries will be filled. I wouldn’t know when imports would become sufficient. But the government is working towards all these to happen”

In order to determine how the airlines can acquire dollars at the official market rate rather than the black market rate, Mr. Sirika said he will be meeting with relevant parties, including the Central Bank of Nigeria.



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