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Men, stop with the macho thing, Showing Emotions Make You Sexy”- Juliet Njemanze



Nollywood actress and socialist Juliet Njemanze has encouraged men to betray their ego, stop the machoism they usually display and show their emotions rather than bottle it up. Apparently, she think showing emotions makes men sexy.

Over the years, male children are brought up with the ideology that they are men and are not supposed show weakness. Crying, showing emotions, being romantic used to be things slated for women but as more awareness is rising about mental health, men are being taught that it is okay to be vulnerable.

Actress Juliet Njemanze further emphasised on this in a video she put out on her Instagram page, stating that showing emotions make like human, show that they have feelings and it is sexy. Noting further in her caption that the mcho thing is old and tired, Juliet added that there’s something special about a man who is in touch with his sensitive side.



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