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“I don’t want Atiku & Tinubu to fail” Okey Bakassi defends his presidential choice



Okey Bakassi, a renowned comedian, has provided an explanation for his decision to officially endorse Peter Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party for president.

In a tweet that he shared, Okey Bakassi stated that he was working with Peter Obi to change Nigeria so that Buhari, Tinubu, and Atiku wouldn’t need to travel to London for medical care and wouldn’t reside there.

He added that his main goal is for Nigeria to thrive and that he doesn’t want Atiku or Tinubu to lose.

I don’t want Atiku or Tinubu to fail, Okey tweeted, I just want Nigeria to succeed. I’ll support and vote for @PeterObi to fix Nigeria, so in their very old age, Buhari & Tinubu won’t be going to London for medical treatment and Atiku won’t live in Dubai. #saveNigeria



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