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I Borrowed Money To Buy Blackberry Passport to impress people– Sylvester Madu



Madu was reflecting on people’s craze for material things and how many of such become irrelevant years after in an Instagram post.

BlackBerry, a brand of smartphones and tablets, once dominated the Nigerian market and was desired by several people, particularly the youths.

Madu recounted how many several relationships crashed at the time while many took to stealing and fornication just to purchase the phone.

The movie star said seeing the phone “lying uselessly” at his house recently reminds him that most material things people go after are not worth the stress.

“I love time. You know why? Because time places a value on everything you have or do, whether it is good or bad, right or wrong. Let me begin with the almighty…. Blackberry Passport…” he wrote.

“You and I thought it was the best of phones, such that no other can be better. Lots of relationships and even marriages broke because of this phone.

“I had to borrow money to buy it just to belong. But just yesterday I saw it lying helplessly and uselessly in one if my wardrobe untouched and unused for years.

“What am I trying to say….those things you value so much and even dying for, is it really worth it? What will be the value in five or 10 years time?

“Some stole, killed and fornicated and even lost their virginity just to have a Blackberry phone. You can imagine how it trended so much a movie was named after it….BlackBerry babes…..

“Remember pnging girls…so who is using the word ping now.? All this were the language of blackberry phone users and now no one will even buy it for free…yes for free.”

He said it is unfortunate that people have failed to learn from such experience as many still continue to chase after the latest luxury item.

“Now some have stolen to buy the lates Rolls Royce and end up in an American cage. Even their friends are denying them and have refuse to accept free visa to America. What a life,” he added.

“That latest thing you have now will soon be the oldest thing. Yes, time says so. In 1999 a friend of mine once said and I quote… ‘you see this latest cars people are driving now, it will be the old model of my cars’ ….end of quote. I pondered over those words for many years until time told me what it meant.

“Where you do today keep your hands clean… if it’s not for Jesus, it’s not worth dying for.”



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