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Fully Vaccinated Flight Attendant Dies Of Covid19 After Trip To Hawaii



A fully vaccinated 36-year-old Southwest Airlines employee died of Covid19- after testing positive for the virus in June.

On Tuesday, Southwest flight attendant, Maurice ‘Reggie’ Shepperson, died at Henderson Hospital in Las Vegas where he had been confined since checking himself in on July 7th with breathing difficulty.

Mr. Shepperwson tested positive for the virus following a work trip to Hawaii in June, in which he had taken his mother along. Both he and his mother, Dawn Shepperson-Bernard, were tested for the virus numerous times before the trip.

Upon his return from Hawaii in June, Shepperson fell ill and began quarantining. In July he drove himself to the hospital due to breathing issues. Remarkably, his mother remained healthy.

Reportedly, Shepperson spent weeks on a ventilator before he died on Tuesday.

USA Today reports,

He was on a ventilator and died early Tuesday, his mother, Dawn Shepperson.  A nurse told her it was from COVID-19.

Shepperson, 36, was fully vaccinated, his mother and Hildreth said. He loved to fly and took every precaution, wearing a mask, constantly washing his hands, sanitizing surfaces, and wiping everything down in hotel rooms, Hildreth said.

“It hurt me so bad because it was just so quick,” Dawn Shepperson said. “I didn’t have time to really even acknowledge what is going on. This is mind-blowing. It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real.”

“He said, ‘I have pain, a lot of pain everywhere,” Shepperson-Bernard said of her son, “he was so sick he couldn’t get up.”

Maurice Reginald “Reggie” Shepperson, 36, spent more than a month at Henderson Hospital before his death.

— Las Vegas Review-Journal (@reviewjournal) August 14, 2021

Mr. Shepperson’s sad and untimely death comes at a time where there is increasing debate about the safety and efficacy of the EUA “covid vaccines”, amid skyrocketing numbers of so-called “breakthrough” cases.

Read more here on what experts are saying about the efficacy of the vaccines and the true cause of the new “variants”.



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