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‘Finding It Difficult To Breathe’ Actress Tonto Dikeh Expresses Fear Over Her Life



Actress Tonto Dikeh is scared of being infected with covid-19 as she finds it difficult to breathe while she gasps for the air along with some cough after waking up.

Tonto Dikeh posted saying she’s finding it so difficult to breathe but doesn’t know what is wrong with her hoping that it’s not covid-19 asking his fans if anyone understands what she’s going through this morning.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she literally woke up gasping for air and she has never had such a cough like how she’s coughing in her life hence wondering if it’s covid-19 but then added that she won’t use her money to service any negativity.

Tonto Dikeh also shared a video of herself using her son’s compressor nebulizer to manage the lack of breathing she’s having then go and get herself checked up at a hospital later when she can breathe on her own a little.

Tonto Dikeh then funnily added that her son thinks she’s an alien with superpowers because her eyes color changes whenever she’s sick but he seems not to understand why her eyes have to change color if she’s sick.

We hope Tonto Dikeh hasn’t contracted covid-19 and her difficulty in breathing is just something small after she goes to the hospital and check herself up but all the same, we wish her the best and hope it’s nothing serious.



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