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Femi Fani-Kayode On Afghanistan: Rambo Warned US In 90’s But We Wouldn’t Listen



Femi Fani-Kayode has shared a clip from an old movie with the caption “Rambo warned us (about Afghanistan) in the 90’s but we would not listen!”��� “

Watch the video below..


“This is Afghanistan. Alexander the Great tried to conquer this country. Then Ghenghis Khan, then the British, now Russia. But Afghan people fight hard, they never be defeated.”

There is nothing special about Afghanistan. If the UK, US, or Russia wanted to destroy the country, they would have leveled it with nuclear bombs.

The only reason why there’s a special interest in Afghanistan is because it is a breeding ground for terrorists.

Edit: For all those people quoting me telling me how Alexander the Great and Ghenghis Khan could not conquer Afghanistan, please STFU with your ignorance.
Alexander the Great conquered Afghanistan but couldn’t keep it because he had no heir to unite his empire.

Ghenghis Khan conquered Afghanistan and expanded the Mongol empire all the way from China to Europe.
Afghanistan is nothing but a barren mountainous ragtag land filled with terrorists



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