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FBI Declared six Nigerians wanted over Internet fraud



The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on its official website listed six Nigerians among its most-wanted cybercriminals in a crime resulting in over $6 million losses.

Through the scheme, FBI said, the suspects defrauded more than 70 different businesses in the U.S., resulting in combined losses of over $6 million.

Uzuh, who is believed to be the leader of the gang, was indicted on 18 October 2016, in the US district court of Nebraska, Omaha, on charges of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

On 19 October, a federal warrant was issued for his arrest but he has gone into hiding since then, making it impossible for the efforts made to arrest him to yield any result.

According to the FBI poster declaring Uzuh wanted, he and his co-conspirators sent spoofed emails to thousands of businesses in the US, requesting fraudulent wire transfers.

Uzuh allegedly worked with money launderers, romance scammers, and others involved in BEC schemes to launder the proceeds of other crimes through a complex network of witting and unwitting people in the U.S. and abroad.

Okpoh who was indicted three years later was accused of providing hundreds of bank accounts to Uzuh and other co-conspirators.

The accounts were used to receive fraudulent wire transfers running into $1million.

Okpoh was indicted on 21  August with a warrant of arrest issued on 22 August.



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