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Emmanuel Chinweuba Nworie Relocates To The US



A young man, Emmanuel Chinweuba Nworie, whose story went viral in 2020 as a mathematics first-class graduate who had to turn to farming as a way to survive despite his academic performance has overcome.

Months after his story became public knowledge, he was offered a scholarship to study for his post-graduate studies

On Sunday, August 1, Michael Taiwo went on Facebook to write about Nworie, and to inform people that he has finally arrived in the United States. He described Nworie as a mathematics genius who once won a gold medal in a Nigerian national mathematics competition.

Nworie is happy in America

When Taiwo met him, the maths graduate revealed that he would have had to work hard and save for seven years to apply for graduate school. The man thanked people who contributed to the cause of seeing Nworie have a better life abroad. He attached a photo of the young man smiling when he got to his new country of residence.


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