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Ekiti Prince seeks dissolution of marriage – My wife demands money before intercourse



A marine engineer and prince from Eruku in the Ekiti Local Government Area of Kwara State, Mr. Adegbenga Dada has claimed that his wife demands money before having sex.

He made this claim in a lawsuit that was brought before the Ilorin-based Kwara High Court.

Due to allegations of adultery, Dada is requesting the divorce of his 28-year marriage to Roseline Dada.

In addition, he claimed that she had implicated their female daughters by sending them on missions to gather money from her many male friends. He claimed that his wife’s prostitution had interfered with her ability to do household tasks.

Adegbenga, a Kwara native now residing in Lagos, stated: “My wife abandoned our bedroom and packed to the guest room. She would insist unless I issue cheque for substantial amount, she would not succumb to my sexual advances. Any failure to issue cheque will result in total denial.

“The marriage has broken down because my wife and I are no longer able to sit down together to discuss about our lives and that of our children.”

Additionally, he requested custody of the three children born to the union from the court.

Roseline responded by refuting the accusations and declaring her husband to be an adulterer.

She claimed, though, that she was not opposed to the divorce but asked the court to give her a share of the ownership of their Lagos building, which she said was a joint venture between her and the petitioner.

The nude photos of the respondent with a lover found on her phone during the trial, according to the petitioner through his attorney, Mr. Josiah Adebayo, were added to the weight of the evidence rather than being used to mock the respondent.

The information submitted to the court about the claims of adultery against the respondent was true, Justice S.T. Abdulqadri stated in her decision, and she allowed the dissolution of the marriage.

According to her, the petitioner and the respondent, Mrs. Dada, did not share ownership of a home in the state of Lagos.

However, the court denied any of the parties custody of the three children of the 28-year marriage because it determined that the children are adults who have reached the age of 20.



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