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Broke Up With My Fiancée Today, She Was Raped By A Man Old Enough To Be Her Father



She has this useless middle aged man in her office, she resumed 4 months back and this man has been toasting and threatening to sleep with her at all cost. She told me two months back, I warned the man to refrain but he didn’t stop.

I got a call from her today that the man showed up in her apartment and forcefully penetrated her vagina with his penis. According to her she managed to hit him in the forehead with an object before he pulled out his plug. I asked her why didn’t you shout? She claimed no neighbor were around that she screamed

I asked her how did he know your house given the fact I warned you to ensure he never comes to your house or be alone with you at any point? She had no response.

I broke up with her. I feel pained though that I have to let her go because I was her first man and I called her a month back to come home and inform her parents about the relationship. I intended securing the marriage first before investing to support her education and I told her at least we need to do a traditional rite first before any such spending.

Unfortunately she had been raped by a man in Ibadan old enough to be her father. She is distraught and kept it to herself for 3 days before telling me today. She is from a poor background and only trying to work on a 30k job to save over N360k she needs to pay up before her school can let her pick her RN nursing certificate.

I feel disappointment and won’t marry this girl anymore but I want this foolish man punished over this. He refuses to pick my call. His phone number is 0805 023 9636

Guys call him and if you know him, lets more have him exposed here.
He works in a skyline specialist hospital at Iwo road Ibadan and is a friend of the manager. The poor girl raped doesn’t know how to go about this case and an employee of that hospital from a really poor background. She is afraid that police may make this harder for her by milking her money without result.



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